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Ah foundation, the base, the rock, the sediment, the starting point to your beautiful makeup…. you must get it right…. please…. let me help you.

Dolls… Please don’t ever leave your house looking like this

I swear I will stare, and it won’t be in a good way either.

Your foundation should match your natural skin tone completely to where you don’t even have to apply it onto your neck, you can just blend it nicely onto your jaw line.

When picking a foundation I know it can be a tricky situation, specially if you’re purchasing it at Target, CVS, Walgreens, or Wal-Mart where you don’t have a beauty technician helping you choose your color. Below I’ll help you how to easily find your best match.

Know your undertone. Go to Sephora, Ulta, MAC, or a fine department store and ask to know what your undertone is. They’ll help you discern which undertone is yours: pink, brown, peach, or yellow.

Look for a foundation to meet your needs. If you have oily skin your want an “oil free”, “oil control”, or “matte foundation”; dry skin you’ll want “hydrating” or “moisture rich”; and for combination skin you want “combination skin” or if you’re a little bit more on the oily side go for an oil control one or if you’re a little on the dryer side then use a hydrating one.

Choose your coverage. What do you want? Full coverage or light coverage? There are a wide range of foundations out there that can meet your needs. Many of them will say something like “sheer coverage”, “medium coverage”, or “full coverage”.

Match your foundation to your skin perfectly. When going to get your foundation make sure that you go with a clean face, that way you’ll be able to match your foundation perfectly to your skin. If there is a beauty assistant there ask her for help and for a sample. Apply it to your jaw line and blend it down to your neck. When you know that it’s your shade, your foundation should be really hard to tell that it’s there. It should literally almost disappear. Still not convinced if it’s the right shade, walk quickly outside, and check to see if it’s there. If it’s not then voila! You’ve found your match. If it’s too dark go a shade or two lighter, if it’s too light go a shade or two darker.

Hope this helps you out! Your foundation is the base to your makeup. It should literally make your face look blank, or I should say neutral, once you add your blush, bronzer, eye shadows you will be able to bring out your features.

Pro Tip: Is your natural skin tone a “medium”, and the light foundation is too light and the dark foundation too dark? Purchase both and mix them together to make your own foundation. Remember to always add equal amounts of foundation in order to match your skin tone.