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Eyebrows… the one important thing that makes or breaks our face. Our eyebrows are what gives our frame and depth to our eyes and pulls everything together…. they can also destroy a beautiful face if done wrong.

We’ve all seen this….

Oh you have no idea how many times times I’ve seen this. Even my own people, Mexicans, are notorious for the “sharpie” eyebrows, sighs. The “upside down” Nike swoosh are a big no-no, and I see those way too often, plus the overly drawn in. I just can’t!

So below is a quick Brows 101 on how to find the best way to shape your eyebrows accourding to your face type.


I myself am a combination of a square and heart so my eyebrows are a mixture of both.

Here are some simple steps:

– Start with a clean face, that means no moisturizer and no makeup. You want to make sure that when you’re plucking them that you’re able to grip the hair with your tweezers and not cause a mistake of tweezing where you don’t want to.

– Decide on how thick or thin you want them. If you have big eyes you want to keep your brows a bit more fuller and if you have smaller eyes you want them a bit a bit thinner (don’t go over board please).  If you have a big forehead lean on the thicker side, if you have a smaller forehead you can go thinner.

– You may have to trim your brows. If your eyebrows are too long you may want to trim them. Use a brow brush and brush your brow hairs upward, if they pass your natural brow line you can trim a bit.


– The above diagram shows you where your eyebrows should start A, where your arch should be B, and C where the length of your eyebrow should end.

Hopefully this help.  I will soon be doing a tutorial with a step by step guide with full colored pictures to show how easy it is to achieve beautiful brows like these ladies.