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Bags… they’re gorgeous aren’t they? But not so great under your eyes baby doll. 

Below are some of the best kept secrets besides the obvious: sleep, hydration, and moisturizing of course.

DIC-26516-3My favorite, ladies, I’m serious! You’ve all heard about Preparation H under your eyes to get rid of those puffy bags right? Well, one of the active ingredients in Preparation H is Witch Hazel. Once you have cleaned your face in the morning, pour some on a cotton ball, don’t soak it, just damp it, and apply it under your eyes, do not rub.

635031_Enlarged_1One of my secret weapons: Garnier Nutritionist Skin Renew Anti Puff Roller.  I’ve been using this for the past 5 years and it is my go to for puffy eyes especially after a night out or after a crying session.  I keep this in the fridge and apply it right before I start doing my makeup or if I forget after I wear my makeup.  It glides on clear and dries without any type of flaking.

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A spoon. Yes a spoon. Put 2 clean spoons in the freezer, let it cool, and apply the round smooth portion and against your skin for 10 seconds and watch as that puffiness disappear!

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Green Tea. Prepare your tea as normal, after you’ve drank your tea place the tea bags in the fridge until their fully cooled and then place them on your eyes for 5 minutes and say adios to those bags!

See ladies, it is so easy to get rid of those pesky bags underneath your eyes!