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This has been a tricky subject alike with me and with many of you out there, trust me, there was a time where I was like how in the world do they do it?! And I would get so frustrated because I couldn’t emulate, and that made me even more upset.

So after seeing these pictures

And my makeup mind was screaming at me like How?! How do I do this?! Where do I start!? Ahhhhhhhh! I went into overload!

So after paying detailed attention, I learned that what Scott Barnes, makeup artist extraordinaire, had created was just pure brilliant.  Below I’ll just give you some quick pointers to achieve the J.Lo and Kardashian glow and contours.

– Always start with a clean and moisturized skin

– Have a flat makeup brush and a stippling brush handy

– Have 2 to 4 shades of makeup lighter and darker than your normal skin tone

– Follow the chart below


– Apply with your flat makeup brush. For underneath your eyes, make sure that you do an upside down triangle that extends all the way to the end of your eyes up to your temples

– Using your normal every day use foundation, apply it with your stippling brush in circular motions until everything is fully blended and set with a high definition powder.

I think this has been thee easiest step by step guide to contouring your face.  I’ll soon have a tutorial showing how I apply this to others and to myself.