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Dolls so sorry that this post is late, but, I am a little sicky poo ūüė¶ and last night I did not have the energy to even full schedule today’s post. We all know that feeling sick is the furthest of looking¬†normal, especially if you have a running nose that needs constant tissues leaving you looking like Rudolph.

So below is a quick face chart to help you with your makeup needs in order to avoid being Rudolph and to look as awake and healthy looking as possible.


– Moisturize. This is the most important step of them all. You want to still have a dewy face and not a dried out splotchy face, that doesn’t help your sick cause.

– Foundation. Apply your foundation as normal. If you have enough energy to apply primer do so as well.

– Concealer. If you’re suffering from Rudolf Syndrome, aka red nose, apply a green tinted concealer to any red areas that you might have: that includes under your eyes (in an upside down triangle that reaches to the same length as your nose), your nose, and your laugh lines.

– Blend and Powder. Use your stippling brush or sponge and blend away followed by your powder to set it in place.

– Eyes: Rosy, Peach, Taupe, Mauve and Mascara. These colors will help you look as natural as possible giving you a natural glow on your eyes and cheeks. If you’re skin tone is darker go for gold, bronze, lilac, and a mix of peach with mauve blush. Apply a good amount of mascara in order to make your eyes pop.

– Lips. Apply a rosy or peach (depending on your skin tone) lip gloss to your lips.

– Bronzer/Illuminator. Apply bronzer to give you your shadows, close to your hair line, jaw line, nose ridge. Apply your illuminator to your T Zone and on top of the apples of your cheeks.

And voil√°! You now look alive and healthy, even tho you’re an incubator of microbes at the moment.¬†Can you guess where I got that line from?

Pro Tip: Make sure you use a setting pray to help keep your makeup as set as possible, especially since you’re going to be blowing your nose a lot of times through out the day, we don’t want you to rub off all that green concealer and uncover the Rudolf that is lurking behind all that beauty.