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I’m not a lipstick wearer, I’ll admit to that. I’m more of a lip gloss kind of girl. But I know that there are some of you ladies that can rock a ferocious lipstick and I will admit that I get somewhat jealous of you. 

And because I would someday enjoy wearing a nice lipstick, I have a little secret for long lasting lipstick that will stay put longer than your normal wear.


See what she did there?  What this makeup artist genius did was apply the lipstick as you normally would but then take a tissue, Kleenex, Puffs, or regular TP, put it over your lips like in the picture above and set it with translucent powder. Make sure that you dust off your brush first and then go over it. Your lipstick should last at least twice as long as normal!

Pro Tip: Blot any excess of lipstick that you might have before setting your lipstick. Take a TP, fold it in half, place in between you lips and press.