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Fall is finally approaching and the hottest fall trends in eye shadows are bold, bright, and gorgeous!!! You’ll be surprised at the trends coming on!

Roses are red…. Violets are trendier than red right now

And these violets are dangerously going to make your eyes pop!


Wear this as a light, say a sheer Lilac or matte Lilac for the day time. For a night out line your eyes with a nice thick layer to your top lash line and then smudge it to turn it into a sultry smokey eye.

Pro Tip: To avoid looking like you got knocked out, you can add some shimmer or a little of Vaseline to make it into a glossy look.

Sunny Yellow, my beacon of ray, with you I’ll shine today

Yellows are amazing! And when worn properly can definitely make your eyes pop!


Don’t ever be afraid to wear a bright shadow, like ever! Apply a gold eye shadow for your base, use a matte cocoa and lightly line your top lashes, and also use the same matte cocoa and line your bottom lashes. Take your yellow and add it to the outer corners of your eyes, on top and bottom.

Pro Tip: Remember, if you’re going to be using a super bold color on your eyes, don’t be afraid to also do a bold red on your lips, with perfect example the Violet color shown above. A nude gloss on your lips would suit better with the Yellow eye shadow.