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Can you feel that little itty bitty chill looming around us?  That’s Fall coming doll…. bring out the eye shadows!!!!

A piece of Blue blew me away

Ahh!!! I love blue!!! In any shade, oh do I love blue! Why? Well I have dark brown eyes and any shade of blue, but the exact 3 being shown below make your eyes ultimately pop and have people noticing them.


Isn’t this color just gorgeous?!?! I just LOVE them! I said that, I know, lol, sorry!  These colors also look great if your eyes are already blue or green (in any shade). Apply it as an eye liner, to make it pop, line your eyes first with a white eye liner pencil, then brush on your blue and keep the rest with a shimmer light eye shadow and they will pop!

Where’s the Pink elephant in the room?



Bet you didn’t see this coming! My ladies with the blues and greens this color my dear, will make your blues and greens be beyond amazing! We know that pink is connected to being kiddie, but do this: a very natural face, super light, super natural blush and a little bronzer, do a cat eye in jet black, make it intense. Then line it with pink by wetting your liner brush and dipping it into your pink and follow the same cat eye, add bold “look at me lashes” and a soft barely there lip gloss to the lips and welcome pink to womanhood! 

I don’t think you’ve had enough of these fall colors, to be continued……