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New York Fashion Week is still on in full swing and we can finally have a good look at all of the designers and their Spring 2014 collection.  Today we’ll talk about the Latin designers that were featured from Argentina.

First up is Agostina Bianchi. Per her website she started in 2001 developing her own brand as luxurious designer fabrics.  She dresses women in unique, feminine delicacy and glamour.  Below is part of her collection.

I love the mixture of colors and the silk and crochet with the femininity of her line. 

Up next is Fabian Zitta. Fabian started showing his demi-couture since 2004.  Demi-couture stands for “half-sewing” which is technically translated to ready to wear.  He first debuted his line back in 2010 at New York Fashion Week and he’s been a favorite already.  Below is his collection.

I love the different ways he’s incorporated the whites and sheer. Definitely love the yellow and the silver together! 

Following is Daniela Sartori. She started her line in 2010 and in March of 2011 she introduced her 2011 her fall/winter collection called Cimientos which means “Foundations”.

Her mixtures are just divine! I am in love with her collection!

Next, Mariana Dappiano. She launched her line back in 2001 and they have a very distinct stamp to them. She looks for sensuality and femininity through her designs making her line even more sophisticated.

I really love the brocade and the full collection of different ranges of blue’s in her line. Her third dress shown is beyond sexy and chic!!!

And land but not least, Marcelo Giacobbe. It was a bit difficult to find much information since his site is not fully up and running yet. But he’s a designer with over 10 years experience, and in 2008 he launched his own line. His line is described as romantic and idealistic

His line has a lot of ready to wear pieces that are screaming New Year’s Party and I wouldn’t mind owning fourth dress in this gallery!

So what do you guys think so far? I think that Latin American designers are starting to break the barrier and they are definitely generating a buzz that has become more than loud and it’s getting to be transcending. 

Stay tuned for Part II