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This is a designer that I had never heard about, introducing: Supima. Now here might be why I had never heard of Supima, they’re not a fashion brand, they’re actually a textile manufacturer…. yes, you read that right, textile manufacturer. 


Who would have thought that a textile manufacturer could create such beautiful designs. The company specializes in a luxury cotton material that is perfect for Spring and/or Summer. What makes this show special is that Supima works with designers in a form of a contest. The designs that walked down the runway were creations from Bradley Mounch and Carly Rosenbrook from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Sylvia Bukowsky and Will Riddle from Kent State, Hannah Soukup and Morgan Selin from the Rhode Island School of Design, and Michelle Leal and Rachel Buske from the Savannah College of Art and Design with the winner taking home $10,000. This year the winner was Morgan Selin from the Rhode Island School of Design.

These gowns are elegant and exquisite. The purple and black? Please give it to me for an opera night; the muted red for a movie premiere; the soft charcoal for an art opening; the mint light green for the MoMA; the purple jewel toned dress for a wedding reception; the black and egg plant for the office Christmas party; and both blue and silver, the winner’s design, for cocktail hour in Paris and for the last one for a red carpet event… just sighs beautiful.

What do you ladies think?

More to come….