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Let’s keep moving forward with New York Fashion Week recap with a veteran of Fashion Wee: Tommy Hilfiger. Do you guys remember when he first burst into the scene? I do, it was all around me… then there was his controversy comment he made and it turned me off of everything that was Tommy Hilfiger.  Since then I haven’t worn any of his clothing… not to be total biased, but lets see if he’s redeemed himself.

Tommy Hilfiger

His line was RTW and when it came out, it wasn’t a disappointment. His entire line was very beach-y and summery…. very West Coast! We all know that Hilfiger is synonymous with preppy which is total OC, Malibu, and Beverly Hills. The classic polo shirts turned into dresses were made out of bright neoprene-bonded leather which gave it a modern structure of it all. He also included some sporty jerseys, which he dressed Joan Smalls and was heard saying

I’ve been seeing cool girls in the East Village rocking Knicks jerseys as dresses and they just feel right.

The first ensemble was very preppy chic but I wouldn’t wear it together, I’d mix and match; the poncho like tops were a decent change, considering that the weather in Cali tends to be much cooler in the evening, so they suit perfectly; the suits were fun and bold, that I can see my self wearing together and separate; and lastly, the bathing suits…. not a fan… but different.

What do you think?