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Every time I think of Charlotte Ronson, I think of her sister, DJ Samantha Ronson and the wreck that I will not pronounce on my blog. Anyways, it’s always tied, to me at least, into music, and I could see it in this line.

Charlotte Ronson

She was heard saying…

She’s Parisian in New York. She’s studious and intellectual, but she likes to have fun. The dresses are sweet, but you can see the body underneath.

I would definitely have to agree with her. The collection was fun and edgy. It also made me think of back in the 90s, I don’t know why. The floral prints with the black peek-a-boo was awesome, definitely loved that. The prints were very fresh and chic, I can see myself wearing it on a normal day to day basis. Her white cut out dress is ultra chic!

We’re almost done!