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And with this, I conclude New York Fashion Week. I want to thank all of you that tuned in for this series! I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard on reviewing and watching every single designer come out and see what Spring/Summer has in hold for us. Now… none other than with Hervé Legér.

Hervé Legéer

Every time I think of Hervé I think immediately of Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj. The way that his dresses hug these women’s body is ridiculous and makes all of us drool for a body like that, more specifically, in their dress. With dresses in every shade of blue sauntering down the runway with cuffed ankles in black stilettos, my tummy felt a flurry of butterflies… I was in love. Then the bathing suits with the hip flare? I was like a deer caught in head lights, I was just not expecting it at all! The entire collection was amazing!

And this concludes it! What did you guys think of this whole series? I will doing makeup this week for Phoenix Fashion Week and I’ll definitely be focusing back on all the makeup trends I saw at NYFW as well as all the makeup in PFW and will translate it to where we can wear it in our every day lives.