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As you all know, No. 7 Beauty Products were the sponsors for this year’s Phoenix Fashion Week.  It was my first time working with the brand’s makeup and I was eager to try it out.  

This foundation can be found at your local Target and Walgreens.  As a big hit in the UK, they’re making their transition over to the US and it seems with a big bang as well.

We were given their Protect & Perfect Foundation in 7 shades: Vanilla, Calico, Mocha, Ebony, Cool Ivory, Beige, and Wheat.


One of the first things we all noticed was how much pink their undertones were.  Now, at the same time, the word around was, well…

they’re a UK brand…

meaning, they’re a lot more fair skinned than we are here in Arizona.

After playing around with it and using it on the models, I actually liked it’s coverage, which is buildable.  Also, it was beautiful on fair skinned girls.  It gave them more of a porcelain look.  The foundation was definitely long lasting and easily mixed to create the perfect shade.  I actually found myself doing this a lot (but again, were were only given 7 shades and I have no problem mixing and matching, it’s fun!).

Would I recommend this? Yes. For an every day wear, say for work. It doesn’t break the bank since majority of them start at $13.99.

Stay tuned for for reviews on their concealers, highlighters, powders, bronzer, shadows, mascara, lip stick, lip gloss, and liners.