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Hello Darlings! Another week has gone by and a great weekend is upon us! Today I’m bringing you something fun that you can use every day and should shorten your time applying makeup or at least simplify it! So lets begin!

Pro Tips

  • Apply Your Mascara Before Your Eyeliner.  Makeup Artist Sarah Lucero applied mascara first to Rebecca Minkoff’s models in order to create the Frida Khalo inspired looks. The reason was because then you can assess how to do your eyeliner and where to draw it at and not to over do it since the mascara will enhance your eye shape better and you’ll know where to start and where to stop.
  • Re-purpose Lipstick Into Blush. All you ladies should know this already, but, just in case you don’t know, yes, lipsticks can be used as blush. The smooth formula works similarly to a cream blush, adding the flush and pink glow.
  • Use An Eye Shadow Brush To Mute Lipstick. And by mute I mean to take your lipstick, apply it to the center of your lips and use a small eye shadow brush or concealer brush and feather out or spread out the color towards the ends of your lips. This will create bold colors like pinks and oranges or even dark lipsticks. This application just gives it a really softer look.

Hope these simple tricks help you cut some time out of your daily routine!