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When New York Fashion Week launched last month there had been whispers that the iconic Marc Jacobs had something up his sleeve, no, not the fact that he was going to be leaving Louis Vuitton, but that he had create his own makeup line! And without further a do, here it is! 

His line is made up of foundations, powders, highlighters, nail lacquers, liners, eye shadows, lip gels and lip glosses. This became a collaboration with Sephora and it was released on the 9th of August.  The 122 piece collection even includes makeup brushes.

Now I want to see what the customer thinks. That’s the ultimate.

– Marc Jacobs

The prices, I’m not going to lie, are a bit steep, at least for my liking, same thing goes to the pricing of the brushes. $25 for an eye liner pencil? Ouch. But the colors do seem rich.  I’ll be taking a trip down to Sephora to check out the pigmentation of them and try out, possibly maybe, even purchase an item.