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A week or so ago I had the opportunity to help the very talented Sofia with a bridal party.  I actually gave her the wedding due to the simple fact that they were asking for airbrush makeup and as of now, I’m only doing traditional makeup.  What’s the difference between the two? Well lets dive into it to see if airbrush makeup is for you or not.

– Airbrush Makeup Will Make You Look Perfect. That is not true. A true makeup artist will be able to make you look perfect weather it is by using an airbrush machine or by doing it the traditional way.  When you have a great makeup artist, no matter the type of application she or he uses, it is in the quality of their technique that will make you look as perfect.  For example, one of Nikki Minaj’s makeup artist, Tatiana Ward from Beat Face Honey, uses traditional application of makeup on her along with Benny Vasquez who uses the same technique on Brandy.  It’s all on the application, not on the machine itself.

– Airbrush Makeup is Waterproof.  Not really. There are makeup out there is water proof, sweat proof, and all around proof lol. You also have to remember that with waterproof makeup, if you make a mistake, you might as well start all over.

– Airbrush Makeup is Better for Bad Skin. Um… I’m sorry but no.  If you have scarred skin, or bad acne, airbrushing makeup on you won’t make your skin flawless, it won’t give you the coverage you need because it’s sheer.  If anything, if you get your makeup done traditionally and then apply the air brush makeup over it’ll help diminish the look of your bad skin. Remember, when applying traditional makeup we can build up the makeup to make it look perfect.

So why the big hype of preferring airbrush makeup? Well it’s simple actually, it’s called strategic advertising.  Yes, airbrush makeup can make you look flawless if your skin is already flawless. But if you have acne prone skin, you’re not going to get the coverage that you would want to hide your blemishes.  In my opinion go for the traditional makeup, in which we can contour your a la Kim Kardashian, and we can also give you the HD look with a sheer coverage of airbrushed makeup so you can look your best.