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This year has really proven to be a year with many different looks and trends.  One of these trends that is garnering a lot of attention is the “no makeup” look which consists of defined bold brows and dewy skin.

I’m sure many of you have seen this gorgeous photo of Ms. Jennifer Lawrence for the Dior campaign.

Beautiful isn’t it? The look is a right now, it look. This look was spotted on the runways and has become a sensation.  Even though this “no makeup” look is supposed to be no makeup, in reality, there’s a substantial amount of makeup being used and tricks on making it look as if you’re not wearing any makeup at all!

The tricks are to creamy textures, natural tones, strong arches, and a matte lip.  An easy way to start achieving this by using a good BB Cream to even out your skin, brighten, and give you a hint of glow.  If you need color correction, aka concealer for your under eyes or that annoying zit trying to make an appearance, make sure to do it after applying your BB Cream and then blend it with more BB Cream to get that even complexion.

Next up is your brows.  This year has been nothing but strong bold thick brows and I couldn’t be more happy! I am so tired of seeing thin brows! Brows with fullness brings and gives that face a more natural beauty.  Make sure that your brows a sculpted, defined, and if needed filled in.  Try not to go over board if you need them to be filled in, use a powder or an eye shadow to fill them in.

No blush. Seriously. No. Blush. With this au naturel look, you want to skip the blush and use warmer tones like coppers and warm chocolate to contour your face and these color is good on any skin tone.  Remember not to go heavy on the contour, you want to look as natural as possible.

Lastly, eyes. Your eyes should have some sort of very light iridescent shimmer to them, lined with a soft brown pencil and 1 or 2 coats of mascara.

This look is simple and elegant and should be very easy to wear to work for your 9-5 and could go with a couple more minutes of sleep if you choose to 🙂