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It’s Halloween! And if some of you are going to take your kiddies out trick-or-treating tonight maybe you can do something fun to join in (and possibly get candy yourself!). I have included some pictures in which super simple and easy Halloween makeup can be applied without having to recruit to a professional to get the looks!

How To: Start with a normal base, fill in your brows completely and perfectly, line your eyes with black eye liner and create a 50’s look winged eye. Remember, if you mess up it’s ok, you’re going to cover your entire crease with it. Line your bottom lash line, inner rim, and a little bit under your lashes. Add 2-3 coats of mascara. Contour your cheeks, no blush. Create an upside down triangle on your nose and fill it in, in black of course. Draw 3 lines (like in the pictures) for whiskers. And finally a bold red lip! Cute and easy!

How To: Isn’t this look gorgeous?! Anyways, lol… Also start with your base, fill in your eye brows like how your normally would. Dust some shimmer eye shadow to the inner eye, apply black eye shadow to your crease completely, line your top and bottom lash line and below your lashes make sure to add some more eye shadow underneath (to make it look as closely as the picture). Add some bold fake eye lashes. Add some highlighter to your brow bone. Take your black eye liner pencil (or gel if you’re that confident of not messing up – you can also trace your eye liner with gel after you do it with pencil) and create spider webs on your eyes all the way pass your eye brows. They don’t have to be perfect. Add a bit of iridescent eye shadow over it and add little dots of white shimmery eye shadow in one or two of the webbing. Contour and add pink blush and finish it off with a nude/pink cute pout.

How To: This is really pretty as well, very fantasyish… Start with a normal base, contour and add pink blush. On the crease of your eyes, line with a purple eye liner (if you have it, whether liquid, gel or pencil) or just line it normally and then take an egg plant color or deep plum and tap lightly the color onto the liner. Then apply more of the same purple eye shadow to the rest of your eye.  Choose a lighter shade of purple and mix it with some fuchsia to create the effect above. Line your bottom lashes with black eye liner and smudge it a bit downward, then add the same purple eye shadow and dust it downward, same thing with the upper lash (simulate the picture above). Take some shimmer or maybe even glitter and add it to the bottom portion of your eyes, right close to where your cheek bones are at.  Add some mascara, at least 3 coats after applying some falsies. Finish with a nude/pink lip.

How To: Start with normal base. Use black and grey muted eye shadows and apply to your eyes. Remember to line both your top and bottom lashes in black and smudge. Add bold falsies. Add a dark red/purple and smudge it below your eyes (just like in the picture) Darken your eye brows a bit.  Contour with a black and grey muted eye shadow mixed together and follow the hollows of your face and shadows. Make sure that you do not add any type of color. Add black lipstick.


How To: This should be super fund and easy. Start with a normal face. Then select some bold colors (it doesn’t have to be like Gaga) and have fun! Make sure to shade at least an eye brow in a color and try to mask your other eye brow. No blush, no contour. Add 2-3 coats of mascara, a bold red lip and smudge it out ward in any direction you want, but only in ONE direction.

Hope this help!