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I know that I just made a post on Friday, but OMG I was at Walgreen’s getting some Emergen-C for the office, Cotton Balls, and Powerade for the gym, I saw thee most amazing shade of blue and thee cutest red glittered polish that I had to purchase them right then and there and do my nails as soon as I got home!!!

Don’t you dare judge me

Ladies….. this….. is…. Blue Steel.

Isn’t it beautiful? I literally giggled when I saw this beautiful perfectly darkness to this shade of blue giving it a heavenly, perfectly mixed shade of silver making it actually look exactly what blue steel would look like. This was my base.


Gilded. Swoon.

Es una preciosura

I swear this color is thee perfect color for the most beautiful blush. I mean I would glow amazingly! I die. I must find this perfect blush color. OMG yes! 🙂

Pro Tip: Seche Vite Crystal Clear Base, nail polish, Gelous, nail posih, Gelous, and Seche Vite Top Coat.