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It’s the weekend! Hopefully you guys had a head start and caught the premier of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire last night and enjoyed the action, drama, Effie’s wild outfits, Katniss’s dresses, and the wild makeup! I loved the movie but I love the books a lot more. Anyways, so you probably stayed up late just like me and now need to look like you’ve had at least 12 hours of sleep and wide awake… what is a girl to do?

Caking on concealer isn’t the only way to downplay tired-looking eyes. These simple tricks disguise what little sleep you had the night before — better than concealer alone.

White Eye Pencil
Adding white to your eyes will immediately create a more wide-awake look. Swap out your dark eye pencil for a white one, placing it on the inner bottom rims. This creates the effect of brighter, more wide awake eyes.

Shimmer Eye Shadow
Apply a dab of a light shimmer eye shadow (white, taupe or pale pink) into the inner corners of the eye. Light will reflect off of the shimmer to camouflage dark circles.

Thick Eye Liner
A bold line on the upper eyelid will draw attention upward, away from dark circles and bags in the under eye area. Avoid too much liner and mascara on the lower half of the eye, which will have the opposite effect.

Beefed Up Brows
Bold brows help to draw attention away from dark circles. Use an eyebrow pencil or shadow to create defined brows, and then finish luminous (but not too shimmery) highlighter on the brow bone. The highlight will help to lift the entire eye area.

These easy tricks should help you, along with a strong cup of coffee, to be awake and look alert and beautiful all at the same time!

Remember to take a weekend where you actually do sleep in and rest and get all the beauty sleep you need, it’s a necessity, trust me, once you’ve had a good night’s sleep and wake up well rested you’ll also see the same results on your face.