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It’s been a long journey in the long awaited results for this comparison and review, maybe I’m the one who’s super excited about this, but seriously, how many of us have heard the miracle that the Blur is or the amazing way that the POREfessional can get rid of sightly pores? 

So without further ado, lets dive into the comparisons.

 Here are the Pro’s and Con of each one

The POREfessional

Pro: The consistency is really silky smooth with a “nude” color that immediately melts on your hand and face and blends easily and seamlessly on to your face without any waiting time, and a pea size to peanut size will cover your face completely. It really smooths out your skin, it brightens it a bit, and it really turns your face to this silky , almost porcelain, feel, which makes the application of makeup that much smoother.

Con: A small tube of approx an ounce will run you $30.00.  And for babes on a budget that is a bit much for a primer.  Since this is a product that you will most likely use on a daily basis, you will go through it quite quickly, almost guarantee in at least in a month’s span.

Miracle Blur

Pro: The consistency of this is just as silky smooth as the POREfessional, but with a little more of a silicone feel to it, which makes it feel a bit greasy sometimes, and it comes in a clear color. It glides extremely smooth and silky, and trust me when I say a little goes a very long way. At $19.00 for the small size it is a steal and something that will last you a very long time.

Cons: It states on the box that “it’s the 30 second miracle“, the reason why I believe it says that it’s because it takes approximately 30 seconds for it to be absorbed into your skin and for it to feel dry and set. If you’re a woman that doesn’t have enough time in the morning, this will not be for you.

Here are the side by side comparisons that I did.

You can see the subtle differences in each, and I waited at least 2-3 minutes before I took the picture to give the Blur a fighting chance against the POREfessional.

Here’s another look, the sides still correspond to the same as above.

As you can see on the side where Blur was applied you can still sort of see my pores, compared to the side where the POREfessional was applied my skin appears more smoother, with less pores.


As a person who at my tender age as big pores, I will have to go with the POREfessional as being the best to help minimize the look of pores on your face, and this is especially if you have very visible/large pores.  This is going to be a product that I will use on faces who have these types of pores to minimize the look of them.  For more younger skin and fewer noticeable pores, my go to will definitely be the Blur because it’ll cover or blur the minimal pores that they may have.

And there you have it ladies! What do you think? Which is your to go to primer that does miracles on your pores?  I know that there are several other varieties of the POREfessional and the Miracle Blur (they have different shades, and oil free) in which I may purchase but for now I’m happy with these selections and definitely are in my kit!

Stay tuned for my review on Benefit’s Erase Paste for under eyes coming soon!