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For this week I actually let my nails do some much needed breathing. Meaning that I let them be free and natural.  After I had done my Marchesa nails over Thanksgiving week, I decided to just remove all nail polish and let them rest.  The reason I did this is because if you’re like me and are constantly changing your nail polish and exposing it to pure acetone and different types of nail polishes there has been instances where my nails have decided to flake or they just become really brittle and break super easily. So that is why I didn’t do my nails this week until last night.

I’m sure you all had seen all of the products that were released for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which included makeup and nail polish, more specifically from Cover Girl.

So I started looking through the shades and one immediately caught my eye, my nail polish eye, actually it caught my nail polish heart! The name: Black Heat.

Now, this was the best picture that I could take that would actually show the TRUE color that this nail polish is, and it is beyond beautiful. If you take a closer look at the right one, you can see how it has some red, green gold, orange, and silver very fine milled glitter.  I even took the liberty at looking for pictures online to see if other users had achieved or captured the same color and dimension that the nail polish has and none of them did.  The color is so rich and beautiful it is my all time favorite to the point where I will be going back to purchase a minimum at 5, yes five, more bottles because I don’t ever want to run out, and since their limited edition, trust me, I will probably find them on eBay at some ridiculous price.

When I did my nails the only thing that I didn’t like was the fact that it’s consistency was a bit “watery” and a little runny.  I did as I always do, Seche Vite base coat, Black Heat, Gelous, Black Heat, Gelous, and finally Seche Vite base coat. The first coat I did (after applying it on 2 nails) was thinner than the rest.  After applying the second coat though, it transformed! With the black almost becoming a rich hue of chocolate and deep mahogany and dusted with the fine milled glitters, definitely making it look like heat



I tried my best to catch the same dimension of the colors.

Don’t be surprised if I don’t post any new “Nails Of The Week”! Just kidding I will, but I’ll be warning you now, I’l be putting up old nails of the week (I have tons of pictures of when I’ve done my nails before, all of them different) because I’ll probably still be wearing the same nail polish color. And truthfully, this or Essie’s new nail polish Belugaria (after I buy it and test it of course) might be the colors I wear for Christmas and New Years.

What do you ladies think? Loving the color?