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Finally!!! Yay!!! I have been waiting to make this review for Benefit’s Erase Paste.  I’ve had this little baby for close to 3 weeks, and I would have done the review a lot sooner but the first week that I used it I was very disappointed that I decided to give it a try again citing user error. And let me tell you, the results, were indeed user error!

 I purchased Benefit’s Erase Paste in the travel size because at the price of $26.00 for not even anything remotely close to an ounce I didn’t want to spend that kind of money on something that maybe I wouldn’t like, plus, $10-12 was more reasonable for 0.11 ounces than $26.00 for 0.15 ounces… and you’re only getting 0.04 less….. you make the math.

 This is how Benefits gives it’s instructions on how to use this product:

Layer Erase Paste over liquid foundation or under powder to help flawlessly conceal dark circles, discoloration and imperfections

Also, with the full size it includes a booklet that shows you how to apply it and it’s many different uses for it. So as a girl that follows instructions I started wearing it over my foundation, just like how I normally was doing with concealer, and then setting it. What I found with this was that a) it would settle, bad, worse than my foundation would, b) it would almost clump after setting it with powder, and c) it would play magician because within hours it would disappear completely. Rest assure I was so disappointed to the point where I complained about it to a fellow MUA, Sophia, who even encouraged me to maybe set it with a setting spray over powder.

So, the following week I decided to do it the old school way, use it first under my foundation…. and here are the results.

 Please excuse the closeness of my face… wait… my eye is looking funny! Sighs Lord!

 I dipped my middle finger into the pot, like a quick dip, as it is very thick and a little goes a long way.

 I patted with my finger until it was all blended completely, this can take a bit of time. You can definitely use your Beauty Blender or concealer brush to do so, but I would recommend to do it with your finger as your natural body heat will have better blending and less “settling” under your eyes.

Final Results

 Isn’t the difference just unbelievably amazing?! You can see that my left side of my face looks awake, refreshed, and bright compared to my right side. And what dark circles under my eye?! It just works so perfectly amazing!

Here are my tips, I’m sure you saw how I applied it:

– Always create an upside down triangle when applying anything, whether it’s the Erase Paste or your concealer of choice, as an upside down triangle. This will brightened up your entire under eye area and blend beautifully plus it’ll make you look even more flawless.

– Set with a translucent powder only after it fully settles. For example, I do my eyes first before my face. So I’ll apply the Erase Paste first after my moisturizer and primer and let it set while I do my eyebrows and eyes. I’ll check on it occasionally and pat again to remove any excess in order to avoid it settling on your fine lines. This will prevent any further settling of it.

So what do you ladies think? Do you have a specific way of applying your Erase Paste or just your concealer so that it last all day long? Share your secrets!