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Dahlings! How are you beautiful ladies doing? I hope that you’re doing as fabulous as I am because today I’m wearing Baby Lips and my lips are looking and feeling better than a baby’s bottom! 

Baby Lips

I was kind of disappointed at myself for not ever trying this out in the first place. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this like the second time they come out? And it’s always a hit? I think I may be wrong, but I don’t know, it feels like deja vu.

My lips started like this

Yes very dry and dehydrated, I know bad, I have not been drinking water as I normally do.  So yes, they were pretty rough. I used Baby Lips for a whole week. My lips peeled several times throughout, sometimes, especially when I would barely put it on.  I was constantly reapplying, at times, because it rubs off really quickly and easily if you drink almost immediately compared to like Chapstick or Carmex.  But during the whole time in which I did wear it all throughout, my lips felt, and feel, amazing. They felt so smooth, silky, just perfectly plush. I love it!

 With Baby Lips


 With Baby Lips Peach Kiss – which is a color I love, it’s just perfect

And this is how my lips looked after wearing it constantly for a whole week.

There was minimal dryness and the feeling of it being chapped.  Even though the picture doesn’t do it any justice, my lips are actually perfectly smooth and soft here.

My recommendation for you would be to definitely purchase it, they have different colors, and bold ones too, and you’ll love the feeling of your lips.  Also, I’d recommend that before applying this to your lips that you exfoliate your lips first to avoid the peeling of them since you’re already removing all of the dead skin cells.

What do you ladies think? Have you tried Baby Lips? How do you like it?