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Its Friday, the beginning of the weekend and a day closer to the Holidays!!! Have you gotten everything already? No? I am 2 gifts away and I am done! I would have never thought that buying a gift for my brother in law would be so difficult, same as with my brother and his new wife! But, for those of you who just need to buy for your significant other who loves makeup take a peek into this Mystery Box.!

This is the Illamasqua Mystery Box and can be found also at Sephora. Now, for those of you who do not know who Illamasqua is, well, a quick 411: British makeup brand that launched back in ’08, Illamasqua (Illusion+Masquerade), came upon by Julian Kynaston who had absolutely no idea about anything makeup launched it due to his love for all things subcultural and edgy, was later joined by Joseph Corre in ’10, son of Vivienne Westwood, creator of Agent Provocateur and together they have launched this brand into a cult sensation.

This mystery box contains a specific look with everything that you would need to complete said look: it’ll come with an undisclosed lip color in either Sheer or Intense Lip Gloss, False Eye Lashes (with glue), nail varnish in Monogamous (a creamy pink color), undisclosed color Powder Eye Shadow, undisclosed color Liquid Metal Eye Shadow, and Precision Ink in Scribe (white).

Some of the reviews I’ve read on this are completely mixed, some from loving it and others to hating it to the point of returning the box. The box itself has a list of the possible shades you might get.  This is a kind of box that you get for the Makeup Artist in your life…. like me babe!

What do you guys think?