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I was really excited about this nail polish!!! Essie’s Belugaria, which is labeled by Essie as

black caviar

had me captivated since I first saw it on Instagram that I was mildly obsessed with it, so of course, I had to go out there and find it…. and I did!

 It’s a beautiful rich black with some holographic glitter… at least that’s what I thought…

 Beautiful right? As you can see on the last bottom right picture there is definitely texture to it…. I just didn’t know how much texture there would be!

I started doing the same routine, you know, base coat first, on my toesies, then my nails and then apply the nail polish. Boy was I in for a big surprise! I started doing my toes and was like WTH?! So I start looking and paying more attention to the nail polish and I see this little textured things, not sure what it is, but I continue doing it. So, curiosity wins and I touch the nail polish…. lol…. and I was like oh crap! It’s like fuzzy but not, like little round rough spheres, I can’t make what this is and sure enough I realized that I had removed some of the nail polish off so I had to reapply.

 So this is exactly how it looked after the first coat, barely drying, and it can get messy.  You can immediately tell the texture on the polish. The look and feel of it is just like fuzzy and hard at the same time with a matte finish once it’s completely dry.

I found this picture online, because I just couldn’t get a great picture to show the texture without it being blurry.

 This is exactly how it looks and feels. Now in this picture I can tell there’s a light top coat where as to I used the Gelous and then my top coat.

 You can definitely see the difference from the top picture and this one. It almost looks messy quite frankly.

3PicMonkey Collage

Ultimately, I love this nail polish, but I think it took me by surprise as to how I was supposed to use it. I’ll probably wear this nail polish for New Year’s Eve that’s for sure but I’ll wear it differently like in some of the pictures below.

Pro Tips

– Definitely do a base coat, since it’s a jet black nail color you don’t want to stain your natural nails
– This nail polish dries semi fast, so make sure you have enough for a first application
– In order to get the effect that it’s suppose to be, layer the nail polish, this might take 2-3 coats if done properly
– You can skip the top coat to leave it as a matte finish or use a single coat for top coat and very lightly
– Time. If you’re going to do this right, you’ll need at least an hour, hour and a half to let them dry fully

Would you ladies be buying and trying this out?