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As promised, I have finally had time to do a full review on Benefit’s That Gal and ready to share with all of you! I do apologize for taking my sweet time, but I have delivered!

Benefit’s That Gal

 This brightening primer comes in a glue stick like package and it is bright pink as well.  We all know what a pink primer does to your skin, and if you don’t, no worries, that’s what I am here for! A pink primer or even a lavender primer is designed to brightened your face while at the same time minimizing the look of your pores.

The dispenser is also pretty awesome, reminds me of Mexican candy called Pelon (it’s delicious lol), and you push the product out. At a price of $29.00 it can give you a mild coronary if you’re on a budget.  Enter the travel size at an awesome $12.00!

I applied it on the left side of my face only so that you are able to see the difference and how it actually brightens your face.

 Again, please disregard the super fresh face lol

 And here are the results

 You can actually tell the difference a tad bit, but that could also be my own lighting though. I’ve been using this primer for the past 2 weeks and I’ve noticed subtle brightness on my skin but not enough to where you’re like wow! It’s super dramatically brighter.

This would be a primer that I would totally recommend for someone in their teens to early 20s because the skin is still young and supple and this would be something that can help in making your complexion look great with minimal makeup use.

Have you guys tried this? Is this something you’d give it a try?