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Happy New Year’s Eve!!!! So excited!!!! So I’m just going to jump into it with the next look!

By the way, Ashley Greene looks amazing!

– Freshly moisturized and primed face, apply your foundation as normal
– Fill in your brows as normal
– If you have a color similar as above, then go ahead and use it if not you can mix together a cobalt blue, navy blue, and some silver with shimmer in it on all your eye lid up to your crease and blend completely
– Line your eyes with black eye liner
– Line your inner rim with a navy blue liner
– Apply mascara with falsies or without
– Contour your face and don’t blend as much so that the contouring can be noticeable
– Apply a peach color blush to the apple of your cheeks, lightly tho, not too heavy
– Apply a clear gloss or nude lip gloss
– Set with powder

This look is so beautiful I love it!