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Lovlies I hope that you are all recuperating from yesterday’s festivities and that you had an amazing time with your family and all of your loved ones just like how I did. 

Every single year everyone always makes new resolutions and I used to be one of those individuals as well.  Now all I do is just create goals and try to achieve them throughout the year.  This year I can say that I actually accomplished feats that I never even had put down as a goal, not even a resolution.

First I have to give thanks to God for letting me experience and live for a whole ‘nother year and He’s been by my side protecting me and blessing me and giving me everything that I need. Without His blessing I know that I would not have been able to achieve anything. Secondly, I have to thank my husband, I love him with all my life. He is an amazing support system and man, without him I would not have been able to achieve so much, I owe him a lot.

My goals for this year are the following….
– Break out into the entertainment industry as a celebrity makeup artist
– Finish building my makeup portfolio and do a lot more weddings and fashion shows
– Drop those last pesky 15 pounds lol (don’t judge me)
– Possibly move to LA/Hollywood

These are some of my goals for this following year…. what are yours?