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It’s Thursday right? Because for some odd reason I thought today was Friday and actually started my post with “It’s Friday!!!”, then reality hit me and said “no, no, it’s Thursday boo, Thursday”.  So because it’s Thursday and because I’m really excited about this mascara here is this awesome review on it!

L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara

 All together now…


You can find this mascara in any of your major retail stores and drug stores at prices ranging from 7.99 to $8.99. L’Oreal states this is what this mascara does

Lengthens. Stretches. Volumizes. It’s revolutionary Butterfly Brush with asymmetrical lash line shape extends and lifts outer corner lashes to give you a winged-out effect, instantly volumizing lashes at the roots and stretching lashes outward. The unique Cocoon Fibers instantly wrap lashes in a soft, delicate veil to create silky, spectacular lashes that flutter.

Serious question real quick, how do they come up with these things? LOL! Sorry, couldn’t help myself, moving on! So I purchased this on Sunday and I could not wait to try it on Monday.

 always wear waterproof or else if I don’t my lashes don’t stay curled. When you open the package the first thing you want to see is the wand because it is something completely different. Here’s another close up Ok, so now that you’ve seen the brush and ooh’d and ahh’d I put it to the test and here are the results!

Please don’t laugh at my half awake morning face lol 😉

 Awesome results rights?! Now, this is with 2 full coats, and by that I mean I used all of the product on the wand before inserting it back in and applying the second coat.

An issue that I have with non-waterproof mascaras is a) my lashes don’t stay curled and b) they smudge/run. Now, that’s not to say that waterproof mascaras don’t smudge/run because they do as well. But this formula is so different, my mascara did not smudge or run at all throughout the day. I was so happy, I mean ecstatic! This mascara reminds me of another one called Lash Stylist by Maybelline which they discontinued a long time ago and I cried. No seriously I did. That had been the only mascara to actually stay on my lashes and almost the same effect as this one.

 You see that? No smudges!!!!! Nothing ran!!! Oh em geezuz!!!! (Yes y’all that’s how exciting I am about this mascara!)

Final review of this mascara is 5 stars and counting! I love it and will most likely stock up on it just in case they decide to discontinue it like they did with the Lash Stylist.  If you’re always having to check your eyes for smudges or to see if it has ran on you, this would be a mascara for you.

What do you guys think? Would any of you be making a trip to the store to pick this baby up?