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Ok, it’s Friday!!! And I checked the calendar too just to make sure! ūüėČ I’m sure 99.999% of you know that makeup goes bad right? Right? So I figured with the whole New Year and out with the old and in with the new, I’d figure I have you guys a timeline of when to discard your makeup.


6-8 Months. Foundations with pumps will last you almost up to a year. But if you use your fingers to apply your foundation by dipping your fingers into it then your foundation will start growing bacteria which will cause you to break out and no one wants that.

Powder, Blush, Bronzer

 1 year. Your powder can last you up to a year as long as there is no buildup on the surface and you haven’t had any type of irritation on your face. ¬†If it smells funny or starts looking funny you toss it away asap. Blushes and bronzers with proper care can last you up to¬†4 years.

Mascara / Eye Shadows

 Mascara and eyeliner should only last you up to¬†3-6 months if you’re using it continuously. ¬†If your mascara or eyeliner has a funky smell, (after time you can smell it as soon as you open it), it’s that for it to be tossed out. ¬†Eye shadows can last you up to¬†4 years¬†as long as there is no build up or smells funny or looks funny.

Lipstick / Gloss / Chapstick

 Anything that goes on your lips can last you up to 2 years. If at any one point you get some sort of infection or cold sore, make sure to immediately toss it and use a new one to prevent new infection and bacteria from forming again on it.

Nail Polish 

 Nail polishes can last you up to¬†2 years. If you’re a nail polish addict like me, you’ll know that it can last even longer by extending it’s like by adding a few drops of pure acetone. If you get some sore of nail infection though, make sure to toss this out.

Along with these pointers remember to deep wash all of your makeup brushes and sponges at least once a week if possible, and wash them in between with an instant brush cleaner like this

 which will only run you like $3.00 or

which will run you a little more than $5.00. These are small steps that helps you keep a healthy skin.

How old is your makeup? Are you thinking maybe now you have to check yours?