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I was reading in one of the many, many, many sites online about the supposed best and new way to get rid of your dark under eye circles. Celebrities, makeup artists, magazines, theatres are saying that it is the best thing and a writer described her experience with us.

I don’t remember the name of the author as I am doing this by memory, but it intrigued me enough to where I had to look up what this product was and want to purchase. GlamGlow BrightMud Eye Treatment is said to be able to brighten up your face, especially your eyes, in about 3 minutes.  Celebrities that have used this product and now use it faithfully all said the exact same thing:

my skin looks amazing… gives you a refreshing glow at the end… leave you super sexy, illuminated and glowing… it smells amazing and gives you a good glow, your skin looks literally radiant…

So I went over to the GlamGlow website and started reading. It comes with 12 treatments that are sealed like pod, like where contacts come in.  The product is of gel consistency and the formula is said to contain depuffing and smoothing ingredients including caffeine, peppermint and bentonite.

 So accourding to the girl who wrote the article, she tapped it onto her under eye area and said that it felt cool, like a tingling sensation, then it dried very fast. She said that she could see really small pieces of peppermint left over after it dried but she just patted that away and only used a single pod and only used half of that pod.

I wish she would have put before and after pictures because the way that she was talking about the results made me want to literally order it right then and there. She said she waited the 3 minutes and then wiped of with a tissue the gel from her under eyes and that when she saw herself in the mirror it was mind blowing! She wrote that her dark under eye circles were gone and her fine lines were barely even noticeable. Then she wrote also that she used them for the rest of the weekend to make sure that it really work and she wasn’t hallucinating because that every single time she used it she would get the exact same result. She said that if she kept up with her morning routine she would be virtually under eye dark circles free.

Now, can you imagine if that is true? I really, really want to try, but at the price of $69.00, I slowed down on it and thought it over a little bit longer. Obviously, I’m writing about it because I’m still thinking it over, I mean, what are the chances that this is all just pure hype? So, I ordered the Sample Sexy, at a price of $11.99 for their entire collection which includes YouthMud TingleExfoliate Treatment, SuperMud Clearing Treatment, and BrightMud Eye Treatment all part of the GlamGlow packet.

YouthMud, (in the black package), is said to be a 10 minute professional facial in a jar for immediate camera-ready glowing skin. SuperMud, (in the white package), is said to be the one that makes your pore almost disappear. GlamGlow is the under eye dark circle eraser. As you guys know, I love to go au naturel as much as possible so I can’t wait to try this!

I’ll let you know as soon as I receive it and try it out!