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For these week’s nails I had to stop and just be like hmmm…. I haven’t done red… so I decided to do red… actually, my head was thinking more like harlot red lol but I did not have that shade of red, so this red would have to do.

I decided that I wanted to add some sparkle but not glitter, so I settled for Time to Shine. And then my mind was like

Ahhhh….. I will stipple it on and it’ll be gorgeous!

So I did and this is how I did it after applying the base coat and nail polish.

From a grocery store plastic bag, cut a portion off, a square at least 3 inches by 3 inches.

Scrunch it up

Apply the gold nail polish

Stipple (tap very lightly) onto your nail

Clean around your cuticles and then add your top coat, in my case the gel coat and then top coat.

So how do you ladies like this? You can also do it with other colors, black and gold applied in this manner looks gorgeous.