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It’s Friday dolls!!! Ah, I hope that all of you are having a 3-day weekend like myself, and if not, I’m so glad you’re reading this while at work…. while at break. 😉 This weekend is a special weekend too, as the Mr celebrates his birthday, so I’m in a great mood! And because of that, I’ve came up with Instagram Fridays. What is it?

Well, as a makeup artist, I follow some of the hottest makeup artists out there from the MBD Pat McGrath, Scott Barnes, Sam Fine, Lisa Eldridge, Charlotte Tilbury, Gucci Westman, Beau Nelson, and Wayne Goss to Renny Vasquez, Tatiana Ward, Daniel Marrone, Liz Castellanos, and Arianna Jimenez to name a few. So I was thinking that on Friday I’ll feature some of my favorite work from them and you guys can also share your favorite makeup artists on Instagram using the hashtag #ThatFace

The reason why I chose #ThatFace was because it’s that face that they’ve just painted on, in which they’ve created art that has made us be enchanted by it. So that we can aspire to be as them or even better. An show of respect.

So to start, ladies…. thee iconic Pat McGrath:

July 1993 Vogue Italia, Legendary Isabella Blow
. How amazing do you have to be to be able to do her makeup? Let alone when Vogue was beyond everything in the fashion world? I would be happy

 October 2002, Amber Valletta, ID Magazine
2009, Resort Prada, Photographer Steven Meisel, Model Ymre Stiekema
 2009 F/W John Galliano, Coco Rocha

 2011 F/W Dolce & Gabana Scarlett Johanssen

A lot of her work is haute editorial and she does all of the fashions shows all over the world. When I named my business and my site I did it because she inspired me, I want to be her and beyond.

Who are you favorite makeup artists that you religiously follow? Did some of mine make your list?



You can always find me by just searching for #HauteMakeup 😉