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After a long weekend, and much needed time off, and my apologies for the no post yesterday.  But also, Paris Fashion Week has launched for the Spring/Summer 2014 collections and the faces that I’ve been seeing have been fresh and quite frankly awesome!

Here are some of the faces that have been seen coming down the runways from some of the biggest designers.  Something that I’ve been seeing as constant is the dewy fresh face look, rosy cheeks, and either smokey eyes or fresh pastel colors that just illuminate your face.

Michael Kors decided to go with a very clean face, taupe/peachy contour, a light pale pink eye shadow and a smokey winged out eye with well defined brows.

Dolce & Gabbana hired the phenomenal Pat McGrath and the look is again fresh and rosy cheeks. The eyes are more subtle, with supr defined brows and a off coral lip stick.

Roberto Cavalli again proved that for this spring and summer a fresh face is definitely going to be very in. Here it’s all about peachy color from the eyes, to the cheeks, to the slight color on the lips.

Giorgio Armani chose to stay with a super clean face with a pastel green around the eyes and defined brows.

As you can see, so far the look that we should all be anticipating, and I’m actually excited about it, is a clean, fresh, healthy look with that dewy glow and colors that make you look refreshed.

Stay tuned for Look II.

Are you guys liking the faces so far?