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For the longest time I had been wanting to do my nails matte.  I just love how they look! Plus, it doesn’t help the fact that when I go to Pinterest I automatically go to the Beauty & Health board and start looking at nails to get inspired or to try and achieve the look myself.

So while scrolling down, I saw a pin about how to make your own matte top coat at home. Now, I’ve been around Pinterest enough to know that I had seen other pins stating the same thing but I just never clicked on them until now.

This particular pin had super simple instructions with pictures and I finally cave in and decided to do the same. Obviously, if you do your nails at home you already have all of the necessary things: base coat, nail polish, and top coat. What you will need additionally is corn starch and a plastic plate or 6 inches of aluminum foil.

Do you nails as you normally do, in this case I did not use my gel polish because I would be doing triple the work, so I skipped it.  Now pour about a tablespoon of corn starch on the plate or foil.

Pour some of your top coat an inch away from the corn starch. Mix a little corn starch into the top coat (I used a small plastic cuticle pusher) and then apply it onto your nails.


If you look at my pinky you can sort of see how it looks a bit cloudy, but it actually looks matte. (I see you see the mess, I cleaned my nails afterwards.)

Now here is where I would have been

Repeat on the rest of your nails and you’re done!

But no.  I actually did apply it to the rest of my nails but man, it was such a mess, it wasn’t drying at all, and when I thought it was dry, it turns out that instead of polish being tacky it was dry corn starch. So I ended up just doing another layer of nails polish and added three little studs to my ring finger on both hands.



I was really sad and disappointed for not getting the same results as the original pinner did or the person who came up with the idea. So I think one of my next purchases will have to a matte top coat and experiment with it so I can also use my gel polish because as I type this, I just noticed that I chipped my nail already… it hasn’t even been more than 24 hours that I did my nails 😦 !

Have any one of you ever tried this? Did it work? Did you fail as well? 😉