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OH MY GOSH DOLLS!!!!! I have been very selfish with this information. I didn’t even tell you guys that I had purchased it nor that I had been obsessing over it.  Then fellow friend and makeup artist Sofia went and bought it and raved about it to where I just had to go and get it! And I’m sure that after I’m done raving about it as well you’ll want to buy one too. I swear. 

I’m sure you all have heard about it: the beautyblender.

Yes my dear friends, I completely gave in to it. And let me also say, while I’m at it, lol, I also bought the solid beautyblender soap. I have to say that it is one of the best purchases I’ve made because it cleaned my brushes in a snap and left them beyond, they felt new again after they were dry.

Now the sponge is really small, it fits nicely in the palm of your hand with plenty of wiggle room in it. I unfortunately didn’t take a picture of it before I got it wet and since then it hasn’t gotten completely small as how it first was. So below is how it looks after it’s been wet and now it’s dry.

and when it’s wet

Instructions say to wet the beautyblender completely under water by giving it a couples of squeezes, then once all wet, squeeze the water out until there’s no more, and then squeeze it one more time in a towel. Afterwards you can use the sponge to apply your makeup by dipping it in your foundation with the pointy side or rubbing it on your cream foundation with the curved side.

 And the finished product. I did not buff afterwards nor applied powder to set it either.  Sorry, that’s a lot of face! What I’ve been doing now is I apply my makeup with my clean fingers all messy and then just blend it by bouncing if using the curve side and tapping if using the pointy side.

Final verdict? BUY. If you’re a makeup artist and you don’t have this yet go out and get it. Trust me when I tell you that it blends beautifully, especially if you’re contouring, oh my gosh, it does the job beyond amazing! If you’re not a makeup artist but want to buy this, BUY IT! You will be amaze as to how much of a difference it makes when applying your makeup!

Do any of you have the beautyblender? How much do you love it? Any one had a bad experience with it?