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Friday once more! Dolls I must apologize for last Friday as I didn’t post the beginning of a series that pretty much shows respect to those that have inspire us makeup artists into being great and achieve our dreams. But now I am prepared and let’s continue with today’s #ThatFace.

Do you guys remember that Jennifer Lopez look that started making a commotion in the industry?

 This is Scott Barnes, the man responsible for that look and the creator of the now very famous and trendy and definitely here to stay contouring makeup application.  Scott started his career back when he was still in school and started applying his same skills to a face as he would a canvas with his photographer friend and he took off from there.

He has been the responsible person at the moment for Ke$ha’s transformation as of late, which I am totally surprised by the way as to how good she looks while in clean cut clothing. Not only is he responsible for her but obviously at one point Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson, Gwenyth Paltrow, and more among some of the world’s most famous photographers like Patrick Demarchelier, Tony Duran, Annie Leibovitz to name a few. His work has been seen all over from Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, to Elle, and Allure.

With his first book with Jennifer Lopez on the cover and the iconic monochromatic way of applying makeup which we know as contouring.

With Catherine Zeta-Jones

 Second book with Kim Kardashian

 His famous monochromatic makeup application, also known as contouring application.

Ke$ha looking amazing after doing her makeup.

Mr. Barnes, Haute Makeup would like to honor you for being able to create something that everyone all over the world is know doing, attempting to do, and then those that have perfected it. Thank you for giving us the best contouring class ever.

Have you seen any of his other work? Did you know about Scott Barnes before? What are your favorite looks that he’s created?