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Yesterday I showed you the results from the 1st application of GlamGlow’s YouthMud and today I’m going to give you the results of their BrightMud Eye Treatment… and let me say this: I will be purchasing, soon!

GlamGlow BrightMud Single-Use Sealed Chrome Cells with New TAPWipe Bioactive Technology. The World’s First TAP ON + WIPE OFF Reverse Action Under Eye & Orbital Eye Treatment. It was designed for instant 3-minute results.

That is exactly what GlamGlow promises with this product: to disappear your dark circles under your eyes in 3 minutes. Now, I don’t know if you guys remember writing about it here when I first mentioned how the author hadn’t post before or after pictures to show the real results. Well, I made it a point to take before and after pictures and make my sample last for 5 days worth of use.

Here are the results:

On Day 2 I decided to put the whole thing around my eye to reduce the puffiness of and did so until day 5.

See the difference? Five days. 5 days. Five Days!!! You can significantly see the difference in five days. On my left eye the dark circles are almost completely gone and on my right eye it is less noticeable. It almost looks as if it’s blurry.

Verdict: Buy!!! I am almost compelled to contact GlamGlow and give them my testimony! LOL 😉 how awesome would that be though, if I was one of their testimonial girls! You can purchase them here and it’ll only set you back $69.00. This would also be something that I would completely carry with me in my kit to use on brides on their wedding day. It would immediately remove those nerves and not being able to sleep the night before. Also, for any ladies that suffer from super dark under eyes either because they’re hereditary or part of your skin tone, this could be a product that could help you lighten up that area.

What do you gals think? Will you be giving this a try?