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Now that we’re getting closer to NYFW (eek!!! Aren’t you excited!!!) I definitely have to finish this segment so today I’ll post the last look of the series to end so we can gear on to what NYFW will bring us and to see if they compare. 

We begin with Jean-Paul Gaultier Couture with makeup guru Lloyd Simmonds. He said to have taken inspiration from the


season, having Lloyd create a light and very pigmented look in metallic blues with a shiny red. Some of the shadows were not glossy, they were just very sparkly in other hues such as a electric purple.

Donatella really outdid herself, and she did it well of course. This is how she got inspired, she actually drew the look on a pictures she has

that famous shot of Grace Jones wearing an oversized hood with all the allure of a powerful goddess

And guess who was behind the look? Yes, my favorite: Pat McGrath! She said to have looked at this icon’s own makeup which included a thick fringe of false lashes and contrasting blue liner. Just gorgeous.

Givenchy amazed the crowds with these beautiful looks of models masked in beautiful bejeweled makeup. All created again by the great, Pat McGrath. I’m going to have her success and beyond. Ricardo Tisci is obviously well know for his floral love, well he had his model walk out in bejeweled faces with Swarovski crystal applied by hand as well as with fur. It took 40 makeup artists 12 hours to apply the jewelry to the model’s faces. 

Oscar De La Renta’s beautiful dresses wouldn’t be complete with a beautiful face.

More color Gucci!!!

Gucci Westman has been told by Oscar many a times it’s been heard around back stage at Paris Fashion Week. Sponsored by Revlon she created this gorgeous look with everything in their PhotoReady Line, the same brands eye shadows, mascara, cheeks, and lips. Gucci said

There’s no one who doesn’t like looking like this…

And she’s right! I love this look and would so wear it as well!

What do you guys think so far?