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During the weekend I actually had the opportunity of coming across and seeing this awesome palette. But what intrigued me was what they had along to offer with the palette, and that was how to do your eyes according to your eye shape. 

So, the palette comes with instructions on to how to identify what kind of eye shape you have and it also comes with an instructional guide to learn how to apply the makeup as well.  It comes with 14 neutral shades that range from matte to shimmers in gorgeous colors, as well as a double sided brush and their full exposure mascara.

What made this palette pop out for me was their site on how to identify your eye shape. You can go here to see what your shape is and learn how to apply your eye shadow properly. Below are some screen shots of what you can expect with this interactive site from Smashboxx.


The interactive site is actually really cool and it gives great pointers as to how you can wear your eye shadows.

The colors are beautiful to wear on a daily basis and also for special occasions. I feel like this new palette is best for those that are starting to use makeup and need a guide as to how to apply the eye shadow properly. I think they did a great job on it.

What do you guys think? Will you give this a try?