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Paris, New York, and London Fashion Week have all come to an end and from each there were so many awesome looks and nails that I want to try and achieve for us dolls that don’t walk on the runway every day.  The next couple of posts I’ll be recreating some of the beauty looks off the runway so that they can be worn by us every day beauties strutting on our side walks.

For my nails I was inspired by Butter London‘s Katie Hughes creation for Libertine at NYFW. Isn’t Instagram amazing!?

 Beautiful right!? I just love everything about it.

My inspiration kicked in full gear and decided to do something similar. Here’s what I did.
– You’ll need 3 different shades of the same nail polish. I used Wet Cement, Gun Metal, and Midnight Sky. All by Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear
– Glitter nail polish in the same shade of silver or grey. I used Sally’s Silver Streamers
– Glitter nail polish in like a pink or multi-colored. I preferred Sally’s Rockstar Pink
– Makeup sponge, acetone, and cotton swabs if you don’t use a brush for clean up

Start with your base coat as always. Then take the sponge and start with the lightest color first, in this case Wet Cement, followed by Gun Metal, and then Midnight Sky like so.

Then you’re going to apply it on your nail in a tapping motion. Just tap, tap, tap, and tap. The color is going to light and barely noticeable at first. And yes, you will get it all over your fingers.

You’re going to repeat this process on all of your nails and you’re going to have to keep applying nail polish to the sponge every other nail.

This was the 2nd coat on all the nails. Yes it’s a messy process.

This is after the 3rd “coat” and this is how it should look. It’s a gradient on the grey to dark. Very ombre.

After it’s semi dried. Take your glitter nail polish and apply a very thin layer on the entire nail to give is some sparkle on it. Next your only going to apply several coats of the glitter nail polish only to the tips on your nails.

Once you’ve applied that coat, take your last glittered nail polish and only apply it very lightly on the tips of your nails.

Let it dry a bit and apply your top coats. Make sure you let your nails dry completely since there are several coats of nail polish. This would be the perfect time to just sit and relax and read a book 😉

Finished look

What do you guys think? This is very simple and can definitely be catered to what your want, either more glitter, or lighter grey or darker silver.

Hope you guys liked it and get inspired to create your own twist on the nails that came down the runway. It’s fun and always a conversation starter.


P.S. My pictures have not been enhanced or filters added to it. I have a phone case that creates the dark filter like edges because it sits on top of my camera.