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For the longest time I’ve been wanting to do a mosaic-like nail designs but I had not seen either an appliqué that would have it or I didn’t want to go to the nail salon to have them done because, well, I think I’m pretty talented to do it myself.

Sally Hansen has had Nail Art Pens out for quite some time with a wide range of colors  I purchased the black pen a while ago and decided that this would be a perfect time to try it out.   It has a fine tip for precise art, writing, and whatever you can come up with. One thing I did read on it’s packaging, I always read the packaging on everything, and it states to not to use this pen on your bare nail bed because it can stain it and it would not properly adhere as it is especially formulated to be used on top of nail polish. I applied my Seche Vite base coat and decided that I was going to do the design first as so    This takes a lot of patience, I mean a lotAfter I did the designs on all of my nails I proceeded to start filling in the designs with the Essie’s nail polish

And this was the finished product

Here are a few disclaimers:

– This is a very messy nail pen. If you’re not careful, which I wasn’t thinking it was going to be very simple, the nail polish from the pen will get all over your cuticles and it will be almost impossible to remove with acetone.
– I had to remove all of the nail polish and start all over again because I could not for the life of me “color” inside of each separated section that I had created
– Once you draw your design on your nails you have to wait until the design is fully dried or it will streak when applying your top coat

Being that I am a bit of a perfectionist, I will be doing my nail again tonight completely different. If you pay attention to the last picture you can tell that there are streaks, the cuticle line is not even, and I couldn’t clean around my nails properly to give that clean professional look. Since I work with my hands a lot, it is very important to me to always have pristine nails when I am to meet with a client.

My recommendation on these nail art pens? Unless you have a super steady hand and a lot of patient, and by a lot I mean patience of a saint, then this is not for you (or possibly me either). The design looks awesome, I’m not going to lie, but it just looks messy to me. Maybe I’ll just give Belugaria another chance tonight 😉

What do you guys think? Have any of you used the nail art pens before? Did you have a better outcome than I did? Please share!