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It’s Friday! I’m excited, the weekend is here, although I’ll be so busy, I wouldn’t want it any other way! If you’re like me, or somewhat, you take the weekend to maybe practice some of those awesome Instagram makeup inspirations that many makeup artists post. As the trend of highlighting and contouring continues, this makeup artist is adding something to that mix that I’ll be trying this weekend.

I’m sure many of you have seen this technique. Highlighting and contouring… blah blah blah, yes I know… but have you seen highlighting, contouring, and cream blush application like this?
No right? Neither had I until I started following someone with an awesome name that gave me the only reason to follow him: DanielDoesMakeupNotMagic also known as Daniel Marrone.

This is Daniel, and like his Instagram name says, he does makeup, not magic. But damn it, it looks like magic! He started off as a hairdresser and then was introduced to makeup and became a certified makeup artist and has been doing it for approximately 6 years and comes from a family that is in the beauty industry as well. He’s done many photoshoots, brides, and celebrities. His main goal is to be working abroad as key makeup artist for fashion shows and beauty campaigns. He’s worked with celebrities such as Sarah Bolger and Amy Clark as well as for FORD Models, LA Models, and Hollywood Model Management.

After scrolling through his entire Instagram, I was actually very taken back by his name so of course I was going to go through his entire posts!, I saw that he was very talented and his way of doing highlighting and contouring became a topic in between me and a fellow makeup artist in which we both agreed that we wanted to try the same technique of adding the cream blush to the highlighting and contouring. His work speaks for it’self!

How gorgeous is this color!!! 

Mr. Marrone, honors of #ThatFace to go to you for being an artist of many talents that can be seen and admired by many of us that want to achieve what you’ve been able to. As an inspiration for hair stylists and makeup artists you’ve given us new ways of doing makeup and improvisations and guidance with your tutorials and classes all over the country! Hopefully one day you make it out to Phoenix! 

You can follow him on his Instagram for awesome pictures and tutorials as well as for information on his classes. You can also follow me here or search for #ThatFace and #HauteMakeup


All photos courtesy of Daniel’s Instagram and Google