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Ah the power of social media… more specifically Instagram. I’m actually very surprised to hear that some people don’t have it. Well, now thanks to that power, we can now create awesome things, get inspired, and for the nail enthusiasts like me, you can now create nail appliqués as easy as just snapping a picture.

Introducing NailSnaps

NailSnaps lets you turn your photos into one-of-a-kind nail polish stickers you can apply yourself in minutes for custom, wearable art.

The Kickstarter project made a splash late last week and it is garnering more attention and funding. Creators Angel Anderson and Sarah Heering have teamed up with Kickstarter to make this project a reality. At $16,753.00, they’re only shy $30,628.00 to make this a reality.

They describe this as

a new canvas for personal expression

and you can pretty much take a picture of whatever it is that you like, whether it is art that you saw on TV, from your own drawings, then you print and by print I mean you’ll submit your request to them, and they mail them to you. Once you receive them they apply as easily as normal nail appliqués.

There are many options and awesome deals that you can get if you pledge to get this kicked off! You can receive up to 8 promo codes to redeem for free nail appliqués when you donate to this, as well as pre-designed nails.

I think this is definitely a project that I’ll be donating to being that I am a super nail enthusiast, I would love to get involved as well. You can donate here and read more about it and see exactly how it works.

What do you guys think? Would you use this? Would this be something that you’d be willing to donate to?