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Dolls… it’s Tuesday, and if your Tuesdays are as crazy and hectic as mine are, what I have for you today is for you. I came upon this video by pure accident and I could not stop laughing. It was so refreshing that I actually watched it twice and just kept saying how true it is with now a day’s makeup tutorials.

This is Ms. Akilah… and well… just watch the video 🙂

First off, did you guys notice her skin? Flaw-less!

She’s funny, very funny, and everything she said was very true. I see that she’s making a parody out of all of the tutorials out there. I could not cringe nor feel offended because it is so true! She goes into her description of wht she’s doing and what product she’s using. The whole time I just can’t stop laughing!

As a comedian, she has nailed this perfectly! She has even more videos and if you follow her on Twitter you will not stop laughing. Her Facebook is the same and of course her videos are even better. I just love her!

Hopefully this has put a smile on your face!