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For this week’s nails I wanted to do something different and a bit out there. And by out there I mean just getting a bit creative with all the applique’s that I have. For a while after I did my Marchesa nails I had been wanting to try and add them to a base color but was just never sure of how I was going to do it, alas, this is what I came up with.

So what I did was use the Hunger Games nail polish as my base color and then chose the turquoise Marchesa applique.

I cut them out in semi-half moons and laid them out, one for each. I applied my base coat as normal, wait for them to be somewhat dry and then I applied the appliques like how you would a sticker. You can check out a step by step tutorial here.

 Now, as you can see, this applique pretty much covered the entire pinky nail, and that’s ok! It is not meant to be perfect, it’s made to look like art. Do the same to all of your other nails with the appliques, apply your top coats to seal it and you’re done!

Quick and easy nail art with a pretty cool design at the fraction of the time and without straining and stressing yourself out! I actually like this combination, the applique just pops out and the design itself is beautiful, I never get tired of it.

What do you guys think? Have y’all had any creative ways off applying appliques or any other form of nail art?