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So, unless you live under a rock or you’re one of the very few individuals out there that doesn’t have Instagram, I’m sure that you know who Anastasia Beverly Hills is. I mean, everyone, knows who she is! She’s The Brow Guru of Beverly Hills… sorry, LOL 🙂 I couldn’t help it, of Hollywood I should say. 

I kept seeing all these perfectly made brows on Instagram that I started looking into what products they were using. Sure enough, 99% of them were using Anastasia’s products: Brow Genius Kit, Dipbrow, Dual Brow, etc. So of course, I had been itching to get my hands on one of her products, more specifically the Dipbrow. In one of my many makeup store browsing (my favorite thing to do by the way, I always find new and fun things) I was on the hunt for it, but alas, all they had was the Ebony color (and that’s a different story for a different post ;)) so I decided to go with the Brow Genius Kit in brown.

The box slides out to this

Yes that’s a mini brush

So here’s what I did, started off with a clean face, clean brows

Next you have to take the dispenser and mix the powder with the gel with your angled brush side. Now, the package alone didn’t come with something to mix it in and I didn’t want to mix it on the inside of the top.  Luckily, I had something small and clean and used that as my mixing plate.

Yes I know, it’s “dirty”. I’ve washed it each and every single time, that’s as clean as it is going to get.

So I mixed it with my brush and then I did the following

 photo 2 (11)

So, my final review…. it’s too much trouble and a bit time consuming. There isn’t an actual mixing ‘plate’ or area aside from cap to mix the brow powder with the gel.  The dual brush, though sturdy and perfect, the spooly was the right size.  My only issue? It is too small. Way too small. I struggled with it.

This product is great, it really is, my brows perfectly filled without it smudging or rubbing off.  I remember while doing this each and every morning thinking

man I can’t wait to get my hands on the Dipbrow, I bet you it’s the exact same thing but already mixed together

and I was right… it is just that. While at one of my many makeup incurssions I found out that the Brow Genius Kit will no longer be produced. I was excited but then I was a bit flustered: the Dipbrow continues to be sold out everywhere and I am not patient enough to order it online… stay tuned to my next post for more!


P.S. Yes, I totally cut my hair and I am loving it!