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So yesterday I reviewed Anastasia’s Brow Genius Brow Kit and let you all know how much of a, unfortunately, hassle it was and waste of product due to the impracticability of it.  Well today, I’ll be reviewing the Dipbrow. Yes, I finally was able to get my hands on the very much coveted, sold out almost everywhere, Dipbrow… here’s my experience with it. 

I ended up at Sephora just to kill some time while the Mr. was doing some work. After chatting with the sales clerk and both discussing the difference between the Brow Genius and the Dipbrow, I came to the conclusion that I had been a complete dodo head and should have bought the Dipbrow a long time ago in Ebony (which was always the only color available).  Turns out, Ebony is not really “Ebony”. When testing the pomade I made the discovery that you can build the color to Ebony. So after playing around with it, I saw that that it was a perfect match for my brows. 

So this is what I did, started with a clean face, used a disposable spooly to combed my brows and put them in place

Then I took my eye liner brush and tapped it lightly on the Dipbrow

I applied it as so

I did the same to the other eye et voilà!

So after playing with it for the past week and a half I’ve come to the conclusion that I do love the Dipbrow, but it takes skill and time to perfect.  It lasts all day, it really doesn’t move from your brows unless it is washed with soap and water (even makeup remover wipes won’t get it all of it off).  I love how it fills in the brows without making them look harsh or painted on.

Here are my pointers for you if you’re thinking of making the purchase:
– Test the color. Just because it states “Ebony” or “Chocolate” means that it is true to it’s name. The shades are buildable, so definitely ask one of the sales associates to help you out choosing it.
– Use a synthetic liner brush. The brush that I am using at the moment is too soft, the bristles. A synthetic one has the right amount of sturdyness to it that will help your experience.
– Light, feather strokes is best. Don’t go too harsh.
– Play with the spooly, because you’ll go too dark and will need to lighten it up and the spooly is the best to do this with.

In all, I would definitely recommend this to everyone. This is such a great product and I am sort of mad at myself for not purchasing sooner because I thought that “Ebony” was black.

Do any of you ladies have the Dipbrow? Do you love it? What was your first experience with it like? Did you have to practice? Share your stories!